19. January 2023


Hardly Working by Total Refusal knows how to start a year off right - with two amazing selections! Congratulations for being selected for FIPA Doc International Documentary Film Festival and Vilnius International Short Film Festival!

18. January 2023

Welcome mise à nu!

New year, new film in our catalog - a warm welcome to mise à nu by Lea Marie Lembke & Simon Maria Kubiena, we are very excited about the collaboration! And what a start it is - we are already celebrating a wonderful selection for Berlinale 2023. Congratulations!!

22. December 2022

Two festive Awards

We have two more amazing announcements to make: congratulations to Blue Noise by Simon Maria Kubiena for winning the jury price at the Festival Cortos en Grande and Hardly Working by Total Refusal for winning the Best Concept Award at the Winter Apricots-Prilep International Film Festival!

19. December 2022

Four Awards in Usak

Our films have absolutely cleaned up at the Usak International Short Film Festival this year! Congratulations to The Other End of the Street for two awards: Best Film + Best Supporting Act! Congratulations to Invisible Border for Best Leading Act and to Hardly Working for Best Screenplay! And of course congratulations to all participating film teams!

18. December 2022

Double selection for The Other End of the Street

We have an early christmas present for The Other End of the Street in form of two wonderful selections for 2023 - one for Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival and one for Angers European First Film Festival! Congratulations to director Kálmán Nagy and the whole team!

15. December 2022

Welcome, Recordings of a Weather Camera!

This month freshly added to our catalog: Recordings of a Weather Camera by director Bernhard Wenger! Welcome, we are very excited about the collaboration!

15. December 2022

Welcome, Piece by Piece!

We are pleased to announce another new addition to our catalog: Piece by Piece, by director Reza Rasouli! Welcome, we are very excited about the collaboration!

15. December 2022

5 Films for Max Ophüls

Bring on the champagne! Five films of ours are nominated for the Max Ophüls Preis 2023. Congratulations to Observations of a Weather Camera, The Other End of the Street, Hardly Working, Hollywood and Piece by Piece & all participating film teams!

12. December 2022

Good news x2 for Blue Noise

Blue Noise by Simon Maria Kubiena has two wonderful selections to celebrate this week, one for Ljubljana LGBT Film Festival and one for Filmschau Baden-Württemberg! Congratulations!

9. December 2022

Winter Selections

The time before Christmas is made sweeter by a lot of great festival news this year! Congratulations to Lullaby by Magdalena Chmielewska for the selection at Leuven International Short Film Festival and Insight by Emma Braun + Widow & Orphan by Niklas Pollmann for the selection for Olympia International Film Festival!

29. November 2022

Premio della Giuria for Hardly Working

We got good news from Total Refusal from Italy - their film Hardly Working won the Premio della Giuria Award at Filmmaker Fest 2022. We wish congratulazioni!

28. November 2022

5 Films in Turkey

Not three, not four - but five of our films are selected for the Usak Short Film Festival this year! Congratulations to the film teams of Hardly Working, The Other End of the Street, Hollywood, The Invisible Border and Blue Noise - we are looking forward to exciting festival weeks!

24. November 2022

Two Amazing Screenings

Christmas isn't for another month - but here are some early gifts! Congratulations to the film team of The Seven Step Verse for their selection at the Singapore International Film Festival and to the film team of Hollywoodfor their selections at the Poitiers Film Festival 2022!

23. November 2022

Invisible Border wins Best Short Film

What fantastic news from Lithuania! Invisible Border by Mark Gerstorfer won the Best Short Film award at Scanorama in the Glimpse of Europe section this weekend! We congratulate warmly.

18. November 2022

Fabulous Festival News x2

November doesn't stop giving us fabulous festival news! This week we congratulate Widow & Orphan by Niklas Pollmann for a selection at the Flensburger Kurzfilmtage and Hardly Working by Total Refusal for a selection for the Filmmaker Festival 2022 in Milan! Congratulations to both film teams!

15. November 2022

Coincidentally Connected!

This week we have some conincidentally connected news to share with you! We are celebrating two selections for Blue Noise by Simon Kubiena, for the Interfilm Berlin and the Kurzfilmfestival Köln - we are also cheering along with How to Disappear at the Interfilm and with Hardly Working at the Kurzfilmfestival Köln, both films by Total Refusal! Congratulations to all the film teams!!

14. November 2022

European Film Award Nomination

Congratulations to Total Refusal for the nomination for the European Film Award for their film Hardly Working! We are very happy about the award from the Kurzfilmtage Winterthur 2022.

13. November 2022

Festival News Update

Some more great festival news to end this week and start off the next one already! First we have a selection for Lullaby by Magdalena Chmielewska at the Filmschoolfestival Munich 2022 and second a screening for On the Edge by Matteo Sanders for the Mountainfilmfestival Graz 2022 on Tuesday the 15th. Congratulations to the film teams!

10. November 2022

Insight in Luck

Insight” is on a roll this week! The film by Emma Braun celebrates two selections, one at the Gijon International Film Festival and one at the International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam. Heartiest congratulations, we’re hoping for a lovely insight into the festivals ;)

8. November 2022

Fantastic November News

November continues wonderfully for our films! This week Stille Post by Brigitta Kanyarois screening at Cottbus Film Festival, Hardly Working by Total Refusal at the Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur and On the Edge by Matteo Sanders at energa camerimage international film festival. Congratulations to all film teams for the great selections!

7. November 2022

Invisible Border wins Best Drama

Fantastic news coming from England! Yesterday Invisible Border by Mark Gerstorfer won the Best Drama Award at the Aesthetica Short Film Festival. Congratulations and we hope, it’ll carry on like this!

5. November 2022

Kicking off November right!

We start our November off really well, with two fantastic selections: Congratulations to Emma Braun for the selection of Insight at Doxs Ruhr Festival and to Mark Gerstorfer for the selection of Invisible Border at Leeds International Film Festival!

2. November 2022

Lemonades @ Aesthetica

We are very happy to announce three selections at this year's Aesthetica Short Film Festival - congratulations to Hollywood by Leni Gruber & Alex Reinberg, Die Unsichtbare Grenze by Mark Gerstorfer and Blaues Rauschen by Simon Maria Kubiena!

31. October 2022

Two Selections for On the Edge

Trick or Treat? Even though it’s Halloween today, we only have treats for On the Edge by Matteo Sanders! We celebrate two great selections for the film in November for the Mountainfilm Graz and the EnergaCAMERIMAGE. Congratulations to the whole film team!

21. October 2022

Incredible Week for Hardly Working

We think the week Total Refusal are having with their film Hardly Working, couldn't be better! A selection for the International Short Film Festival Winterthur, the Austrian premiere at Viennale and a screening at Seminci - Valladolid International Film Festival. Congratulations to all these great successes!

18. October 2022

Three Films in Seoul

At this year's Seoul Yeongdeungpo International Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival, we celebrate the selection of three films of ours - congratulations to the teams of even death in my arms is beautiful, Lullaby and Blaues Rauschen, we look forward to exciting screenings!

16. October 2022

Two awards at Kurz.Film.Zuckerl

Two awards for films from us at the Kurz.Film.Zuckerl in Waidhofen an der Ybbs! Congratulations to Hollywood by Leni Gruber & Alex Reinberg for the jury award and to Am Grat by Matteo Sanders for the audience award!

13. October 2022

With double force for Blue Noise

Congratulations to the team of Blue Noise, which this week can celebrate the selection for two Queer Film Festivals: namely the Queer Film Festival Oldenburg and the Queer Film Festival Munich! We are excited for you!

12. October 2022

Double-Selection for PÖFF Shorts

Congratulations to Hollywood by Leni Gruber & Alex Reinberg and Hardly Working by Total Refusal for the great selection at the PÖFF Shorts! We are very excited to see both short films flickering across the screen this winter.

12. October 2022

Viennale ‘22

Yesterday this year's 60th edition of the Viennale has published its program. We are especially looking forward to seeing Hardly Working by Total Refusal there and wish the whole team congratulations and all visitors a wonderful festival!

10. October 2022

Thrilling Selections

In our second monthly News Flash we provide you with wonderful news again! Blue Noise by Simon Maria Kubiena was selected for the Reykjavík International Film Festival and Hardly Working by Total Refusal was selected for the Festival du Nouveau Cinema. Congratulations to both film teams!

8. October 2022

Best Austrian Film Award for Einblick

Congratulations to Emma Braun and the team of Einblick for winning the Best Austrian Film Award at the Linz International Short Film Festival!

4. October 2022

Two Awards for Hollywood

What an exciting week - Hollywood by Leni Gruber and Alex Reinberg wins the Student Short Film Award at the Calgary International Film Festival and the award for the best upper austrian short film at the Festival of Nations! We would like to congratulate them and hope that things will continue like this for the film team!

3. October 2022

Happy October - times three

We have three fantastic news to welcome you into the new month! Hollywood by Leni Gruber and Alex Reinberg has been selected for the Poitiers Film Festival! Also this week, Stille Post by Brigitta Kanyaro is screening at Ajyal Film Festival and Hardly Working by Total Refusal is screening at Black Canvas Festival de Cine Contemporáneo. We'd like to extend our warmest congratulations to all three film teams - we're keeping our fingers crossed for you!

1. October 2022

Invisible Border wins at Tirana Film Festival

Congratulations to the team of Invisible Border around Mark Gerstorfer for the Best Reflecting Albania Award at the Tirana International Film Festival 2022!

27. September 2022

Golden Autumn News

To start the week off right, we have two fantastic news for you! Hardly Working by Total Refusal will have its North American premiere this week at the Vancouver International Film Festival. Congratulations to the film team from us! Also- Einblick by Emma Braun has been selected for the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, which will take place in November. Until then we wish the team all the best as well!

26. September 2022

The Other End of the Street wins Award at First Steps

What a night - Kálmán Nagy and his team win the award for the best short and animated film at First Steps with their film "The Other End of the Street"! We would like to congratulate them and hope that this will be the first step to many more successes!


22. September 2022

Quintuple trouble at the Festival of Nations

On September 21, the Festival of Nations started in Lenzing - with five selections from us! Congratulations to the filmmakers of "Blaues Rauschen", "even death in my arms is beautiful", "Am Grat", "Hollywood" and "Lullaby" - we are watching with great interest

21. September 2022

Selection in Tehran

We are very happy to share with you that Invisible Border by Mark Gerstorfer has been selected for the Tehran International Short Film Festival. Congratulations to the whole team for this wonderful selection!

19. September 2022

World premiere by the sea

This week "The Seven-Step Verse" had its world premiere at the SeaShorts Film Festival in Malaysia. We are very excited about the selection and even more excited about the live impressions from the premiere, where Ella Raidel live-cast her VR film at the opening! Congratulations.

6. September 2022

Welcome The Seven-Step Verse!

We're looking very much forward to work with Ella Raidel and her new VR documentary The Seven-Step Verse!


31. August 2022

Double win in Kitzbuehel

WHAT A MONTH! After a series of awards in August, we are very happy about two more from the Kitzbuehel Film Festival: Hollywood by Leni Gruber & Alex Reinberg took the Short Film Award, Invisible Border by Mark Gerstorfer won the Newcomer Award!
Congratulations to both film teams!!!

22. August 2022

Three awards in Klosterneuburg :)

Congratulations to the team of Hollywood, especially to leading actress Marlene Hauser, for the shower of awards at the Shortynale: Best Austrian Film, Best Leading Actress & Audience Award !!!!

15. August 2022

Two Awards in Locarno

Congrats to Total Refusal for their wonderful success in Locarno! The Pardi di domani Best Direction Award and the Junior Jury Award went to Hardly Working !

21. July 2022

Selections in Sarajevo

We are delighted about two selections at the Sarajevo Film Festival: Leni Gruber's and Alex Reinberg's Hollywood will be shown there for the first time outside of Austria and our newest addition The Other End of the Street by Kálmán Nagy will celebrate its world premiere in Sarajevo!
Good luck in the competition and even more congratulations!

6. July 2022

Premiere with the Leopards

We are very delighted to welcome Total Refusal's new short film project to our catalog - even more so as Hardly Working premieres in the Pardi di Domani Section at the Locarno Film Festival!
Congratulations to our favorite pseudo-Marxist collective!!!

4. July 2022

Greetings from Karlovy Vary

Magdalena Chmielewska and the Team of Lullaby send their greetings from the Karlovy Vary International Filmfestival - Congrats on being selected for Future Frames: Generation Next of European Cinema !!!

1. July 2022

Comrade Tito wins Austrian Film Award

For the second time in a row, a Lemonade film wins the Austrian Film Award for Best Short Film!
Hip, hip hooray for Olga Kosanović's Comrade Tito, I inherit !!!

17. June 2022

Lemons under Palm Trees

Huge congrats to Matteo Sanders and Magdalena Chmielewska - their films On the Edge and Lullaby were selected for Palm Springs Shortfest !!
The participation of the two directors in the festival is supported by BMEIA Los AngelesThank you very much!

6. June 2022

Selección de España

Congratulations on the second international selection of Mark Gerstorfer's INVISIBLE BORDER - this time at the Festival Internacional de Cine de Huesca in Spain.
Buena suerte !!

30. May 2022

Special Mention & Audience Award @ VIENNA SHORTS

Congratulations to Leni Gruber & Alex Reinberg and the team of HOLLYWOOD for the Special Mention at Vienna Shorts!
And, after an online voting in July, Hollywood also won the AUDIENCE AWARD !!!

25. May 2022


Today VIENNA SHORTS opens and not only three of our short films are part of it - Lullaby, Hollywood and Blue Noise - but also A Splash of Color, one of our CINEMINI EUROPE film education programs for kids and their families!
Have fun at the festival !

5. May 2022

COMRADE TITO: Nominee for Austrian Film Award

Good news! Comrade Tito, I inherit by Olga Kosanović is nominated for the Austrian Film Award !
Congratulations and good luck at the award ceremony!

1. May 2022

HOLLYWOOD wins @ Crossing Europe

Congrats to Leni Gruber, Alex Reinberg and the team of Hollywood for the Local Artist Award of the CROSSING EUROPE FILM FESTIVALS in Linz.

10. April 2022

SOLDAT AHMET wins at Full Frame

US premiere and an award at the same time!

Congratulations to SOLDAT AHMET for winning the Charles E. Guggenheim Emerging Artist Award at the 2022 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival!

26. March 2022

Lemonade @ Diagonale '22

We are incredibly happy to see five of our short films selected for the Diagonale - Festival des österreichischen Films!

Warmest congratulations to all directors and their teams!

25. March 2022

The Washing Machine @ Short of the Week

After a great festival run, Dominik Hartl's THE WASHING MACHINE celebrates its online release at "Short of the Week" today.

Go ahead, check it out!

23. March 2022

Ahmet Ahmet Ahmet

The Austria-wide theatrical release of Jannis Lenz's feature film debut is accompanied by two wonderful selections from the USA: For the first time on North American soil, SOLDAT AHMET will be shown at the FULL FRAME Documentary Film Festival in April and shortly thereafter at the Julien Dubuque International Film Festival. We wish much success and a great audience!

24. February 2022

New with Lemonade Films

A very warm welcome to a new documentary in our catalogue: Insight by first time filmmaker Emma Braun portrays a Viennese chimney sweeper on 16mm.

A steep ascent we wish too :)


17. February 2022

Special Mention @ Berlinale Generation

Congrats to Simon Maria Kubiena and his team for their ihren Opening night success with Blue Noise at Berlinale Generation!

The Jury writes: "We awarded a special mention to a film that, with just a few neat and precise strokes, portrays the struggle of a young conflicted man trying to finding his footing and his place in the world."

26. January 2022

Best Short Film at MOP: LULLABY

Just premiered at the Max Ophüls Film Award and already brought home a trophy!
Congratulations to Magdalena Chmielewska and the whole team of LULLABY for the award as best short film <3

21. January 2022


We don't just dream of Hollywood, we own it :-)
A warm welcome to Leni Gruber's & Alex Reinberg's new short film, which will be with us for the next two festival years!

31. December 2021

Cinemini on Tour 2021

Despite the difficult circumstances, there were some great Cinemini events for kids after having its premiere in October last year!

! See you in 2022 !

16. December 2021

Premiere @ Max Ophüls Filmpreis

What a week!!! Two awards, two new films, two great premieres:
We warmly welcome LULLABY by Magdalena Chmielewska and congratulate to the premiere at the Max Ophüls Filmfestival in January 2022 !

15. December 2021

Premiere @ Berlinale Generation

A new lemon, Simon Maria Kubienas Blue Noise, has landed in our basket and we are immediately quite proud of the world premiere at Berlinale Generation!

Welcome and congratulations!

13. December 2021

And the winner is - SOLDAT AHMET!

Congratulations to Jannis Lenz' feature film debut SOLDAT AHMET, which won the award for best Austrian film at THIS HUMAN WORLD film festival!

12. December 2021

Özgür Anil wins in Uşak

The Verdict in the Case of K. by Özgür Anil has won the Uşak ISFF Seahorse for Best Screenplay. Its leading actor Cem Deniz Tato received the award in Istanbul.


4. December 2021

Some Lemon for Uşak

Six of our films made it to the selection of the Uşak International Short Film Festival in Turkey! I wonder if one of them wins the lovely seahorse?

Fish Like Us by Raphaela Schmid
Widow & Orphan by Niklas Pollmann
Heart It Races by Lisa Hasenhütl
In the Inner Circle by Julia Reiter
The Verdict in the Case of K. by Özgür Anil
& Comrade Tito, I inherit by Olga Kosanović

23. November 2021

Portrait of our cinematographers

Cinema Next has published a beautiful portrait of Sophia Wiegele, Lukas Allmaier, Simone Hart, three of our most gifted cinematographers.

It's about time to pay tribute to them here as well!

21. November 2021

Special Mention at interfilm Berlin

Widow&Orphan has received a "Special Mention" in the German Competition at the interfilm Festival - this is what the jury says:

"In a poetic and at the same time naturalistic way, Niklas Pollmann tells the story of two rejected people who speak into the void of their phones. Longing for connection, acceptance and understanding for their own contradictory self. And at the end there is this note. A small sign that maybe we are not so alone after all?"

17. November 2021

Five Lemonades at Film Academy work exhibition

Every year the Film Academy Vienna invites the audience to see their best student films - this time there are 5 films by Lemonade filmmakers :-)

Fish Like Us by Raphaela Schmid
Widow & Orphan by Niklas Pollmann
Heart It Races by Lisa Hasenhütl
In the Inner Circle by Julia Reiter
& Battlefield by Jannis Lenz.

8. November 2021

Comrade Tito, i inherit - A successful November!

Congrats to Olga Kosanović and her film Comrade Tito, I Inherit - the short documentary was selected by a whole 4 festivals in November and the demand isn't stopping :-).

Good luck with the awards!

13. October 2021

Dominik did it again: Award for THE WASHING MACHINE

Congrats to Dominik Hartl and his team of THE WASHING MACHINE - after having won the Austrian Film Award, the film also wins the NEXXT - Award for Best Academic Movie at the FEST - New Directors, New Films Festival in Espinho, Portugal.

30. September 2021

CINEMINI: We love to entertain the little ones!

After an intensive period of preparation, the time has finally come: LEMONADE FILMS proudly presents CINEMINI EUROPE - curated film programs with unforgettable cinema experiences for kindergarten and school children from 3 to 6 years!

12. August 2021

SOLDAT AHMET goes to Sarajevo

Soldat Ahmet by Jannis Lenz is going to compete in the Documentary Competition of Sarajevo Film Festival

!! Congrats and Good Luck !!

26. July 2021

Another Lenz

Jannis Lenz stayed faithful to LEMONADE FILMS and offered us another beautiful short film, this time dealing with Heidi Klum's Top Model empire: even death in my arms is beautiful.
Welcome in our arms, we'll take good care of you :-)

8. July 2021

THE WASHING MACHINE wins Austrian Film Award

THE WASHING MACHINE by Dominik Hartl has won the Austrian Film Award 2021! YEAH !!!

Also in the running was Raphaela Schmid's FISH LIKE US - - - Our lemons are golden lemons :-)

Congrats to all of the nominees and winners - the wonderful films deserve a big audience!

17. June 2021

Hello Again !

Old friends, good friends.
A new lemon by Total Refusal can be found in our mixed-media collection: the performance EVERYDAY DAYLIGHT.
Together with Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis, the pseudo-Marxist media guerrilla strolls through the GTA V city of Los Santos, discussing real locations and deconstructing the hyperreal appearance of the video game.

Welcome Back !

14. June 2021

A sweet sound in our ears

Bum chaka chaka yeah! SOLDAT AHMET has won the award for Best Sound Design at Diagonale 2021! Congratulations to the film team and especially to Benedikt Palier!

Generally, it was great at this years' Diagonale - for all five of our films represented there! Thanks a lot to the festival team for making such a fantastic festival possible!

1. June 2021

Lemonade Films at Diagonale - Festival of Austrian Film 2021

Not one, or two, or three but five of our films will be shown at the Diagonale - Festival of Austrian Film in Graz from June 8th to 13th:

Soldat Ahmet by Jannis Lenz
Heart, it races by Lisa Hasenhütl
Comrade Tito, I inherit by Olga Kosanović
In the inner circle by Julia Reiter
... AND a new oneWidow & Orphan by Niklas Pollmann

! Looking forward to seeing you all in the cinema soon ! 

11. May 2021

First award for Comrade Tito

Comrade Tito, I inherit by Olga Kosanović won the 3sat Emerging Talent Award at Oberhausen. What a blast!! Here's what the Jury had to say:

"A summer in the countryside, the interplay of daily chores in the house and garden and casual reflections about how best to stage the idyll. In front of and behind the camera, the filmmaker looks for answers to how we should deal with our political and material heritage. But neither the conversations with her family nor memories re-discovered on the Internet, nightly tales or the unanswered letters to her über-father help. A local inspection and an analysis of the present day."

6. May 2021

tx-mirror at Networked Nature exhibition in Santa Fee

We are happy to have tx-mirror by Martin Reinhart and Virgil Widrich included in the Networked Nature exhibition at Art Vault, a new digital art space in Santa Fe. Networked Nature is an exhibition of 21 Digital & Media artworks from the Carl & Marilynn Thoma Foundation’s collection that connect with nature’s creative energy. It features artists’ pioneering approaches to artificial intelligence, machine learning, real-time software, custom algorithms, and virtual environments. As a group, the artworks offer a vision of humanity remade in the image of nature.

5. May 2021

Premiere at the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen

COMRADE TITO, I INHERIT by Olga Kosanovic will premiere on May 6th in the German competition of the 67th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen!

We wish good luck and many clicks !!! (unfortunately the era of online Festivals is not over yet ... :'(

29. April 2021

Nominees for the Austrian Film Award

Great news! Not one, but two of our films have been nominated for the Austrian Film Award in the category short film:

We would like to congratulate Raphaela Schmid with FISH LIKE US and Dominik Hartl with THE WASHING MACHINE and we are keeping our fingers crossed for them and their teams!!!

22. April 2021

Lemonade @ This is Short


Between April 22nd and May 6th, THIS IS SHORT is offering a LEMONADE film program with four of our films to watch online.

Have fun watching!!

15. April 2021

It's getting crowded in our lemon basket

Just before the end of the lemon season, a particularly large lemon landed on our table and the lemon basket is getting tight... so, hand over the big box!
SOLDAT AHMET, the new film by Jannis Lenz - whose BATTLEFIELD we already sent on its way - will premiere on April 15 in the Compétition Burning Lights of the Visions du Réel Festival in French-speaking Switzerland!
Félicitations et bon voyage! (Voyage, voyage !)

16. March 2021

Easter selections

Easter is approaching and we have hidden a few fine Easter eggs at various (online) festivals!

Raphaela Schmid’s FISH LIKE US has been selected for the Vilnius International Film Festival and the Akbank Short Film Festival. Akbank will also feature BATTLEFIELD by Jannis Lenz, from whom we will soon welcome a new film to our program!

In neighboring Germany, you can watch Özgür Anil's THE VERDICT IN THE CASE OF K. at the online version of the Bamberg Short Film Festival, (+ Q&A on friday the 19th) and in Chile, THE BIRTHMARK by Pia Ilonka Schenk Jensen & Bernhard Hetzenauer has been selected for the Festival Internacional De Cine De Lebu. And finally, there is another of our films that will be screened on the American continent in April: THE WASHING MACHINE by Dominik Hartl has been selected for the Julien Dubuque International Film Festival in the USA!

Congrats & good luck with the egg hunt!

11. March 2021

A new lemon for our collection

Or rather: New horsepower for LEMONADE FILMS!

We are very happy to welcome Julia Reiter and her film IN THE INNER CIRCLE to our program and are pawing with our hooves to get started in the international festival circuit.

29. January 2021

A shower of Awards

Things can go so well!

After a bunch of selections for Festivals in January, we are happy to congratulate three of our filmmakers and their teams on their awards:

* Özgur Anil's "The Verdict in the Case of K.” was awarded the Golden Egg Award by the jury of the Kustendorf Film & Music Festival (including Alice Rohrwacher <3)!

* At the Max Ophüls Film Festival, Raphaela Schmid wins the Prize for Best Short Film with "Fish Like Us"!

* And "How to Disappear" gets an award for Best Narrative Animation at the 2 Days Animation Festival.

Congrats to all of You!

21. January 2021

Selections, Selections, Selections!

The festival season continues despite the Europewide lockdown! We are therefore very happy to announce that many of LEMONADE’S films have been selected for (online) festivals in January:

"The Verdict in the Case of K. " will run in the competitions at the Kustendorf Film & Music Festival in Serbia as well as at the Trieste Film Festival in Italia and "Battlefield" has been selected for the Jeune Création competition at the FIPADOC Festival International Documentaire in Biarritz, France!

Furthermore, a whole three of our films will be shown at the Max Ophüls Film Award: "How to Disappear" is part of the MOP-Watchlist, which is a selection of the best German-language newcomer films from the past year. "Heart It Races" takes part in the medium-length film competition and "Fish Like Us" has been selected for the short film competition! In addition, "Fish Like Us" is swimming across the channel to the London Short Film Festival, where it will be featured in the New Shorts section.

Congrats and Good Luck!!

13. January 2021


We are happy to welcome two new films with the new year: "Comrade Tito, I Inherit" by Olga Kosanović and "Heart It Races" by Lisa Hasenhütl, which was selected for the Medium-Length Film competition of the Max Ophüls Film Award. Congratulations!

We wish you loads of success and many more selections for 2021!

11. November 2020

Some hot Lemonade for a cold winter!

Not only the cold temperatures are inviting to drink punch. Also the successes of our filmmakers give every reason to do so! "The verdict in the case K." by Özgür Anil received selections for Festival du Film Court de Villeurbanne and Poitiers Film Festival in France as well as for Camerimage in Poland. The film celebrates its Turkish premiere at the Oscar Qualifying Festival in Izmir and that's not enough! Özgür Anil also wins the team award at the Düsseldorf Film Festival.

"The Birthmark" by Pia Ilonka Schenk Jensen and Bernhard Hetzenauer celebrates its US premiere at the St. Louis International Film Festival and last but not least: "How to Disappear" by Total Refusal (Robin Klengel, Leonhard Müllner, Michael Stumpf) is selected for short film competition of the New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival and wins the Silver Hugo Award for the best short documentary at the Chicago International Film Festival. Cheers to that!

31. October 2020

A successful autumn

Autumn has started very positively for the films of LEMONADE FILMS. "The Washing Machine" by Dominik Hartl celebrates its German premiere at the Hofer Filmtage, "Battlefield" by Jannis Lenz and "The Birthmark" by Pia Ilonka Schenk Jensen and Bernhard Hetzenauer were selected for the International Film Festival Braunschweig and it is also a successful month for Raphaela Schmid. Her film ENE MENE wins the main prize at the first Kurz.Film.Zuckerl at the Filmbühne Waidhofen an der Ybbs. Her new film "FISCHE" is presented at the Viennale as part of the collection Diagonale'20 - "Die Unvollendete". Finally films on the big screen again!

1. October 2020

Highlights with Total Refusal

The successful series of the artists' collective Total Refusal (Robin Klengel, Leonhard Müllner, Michael Stumpf) will be continued in October. Their film "How to Disappear" has been selected from 13 festivals worldwide this month and has won prizes at the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma in Canada, the Sedicicorto International Film Festival in Italy and the Chicago International Film Festival in the USA. Congratulations to the film team! Robin Klengel and Leonhard Müllner have also been performing "Operation Jane Walk" at the Vancouver International Film Festival and the Pitchlab Digital Art Festival.

1. September 2020

August at a glance

As we’re on our way into fall-festival season, here’s a quick look back on the month of August. We’re really happy to have been able to celebrate no less than 20 selections for our short films last month. It was our great pleasure to be part of Sarajevo Film Festival, Dokufest, FIDBA, São Paulo International Short Film Festival, and Beijing IFF, just to name a few.

Also, we had the honor to be part of two panels at FEKK Ljubljana Short Film Festival & Short Waves and look forward to many more to come.

19. August 2020

August Industry Talks

Together with Wouter Jansen from Square Eyes Distribution Company, we will be talking about how to approach festival strategy for your film, discussing what to keep in mind, best practices, but also what mistakes to avoid. The talk is presented at the FeKK Ljubljana in front of a live audience on Thursday, the 20th of August, starting 13:00.

We are also invited to Short Waves Festival in Poland, to take part in the panel about the potential of short film in education and community building in times of COVID-19. We’re looking forward to the discussion with curator and film educator Suzy Gillett, Kino Otok program coordinator Ana Cerar and Short Waves festival director Emilia. The panel takes place online Friday, the 21st of August, at 13:00.

8. August 2020

KO:SH Film Festival gets Refreshing

Double trouble: “Life Between the Exit Signs” by Nicolas Pindeus and “Guy Proposes to His Girlfriend on a Mountain” by Bernhard Wenger were both selected for the competition at the 9th edition of the KO:SH International Short Film Festival! The event will take place in the city of Korça, Albania between the 8th and the 12th of September. Thank you for the lovely news, KO:SH Fes, and our warmest congratulations to the two directors and their teams!

24. July 2020

All roads lead to Sarajevo

Some excellent news from Bosnia-Herzegovina: three of our short films got selected for the student and short film competitions at the Sarajevo Film Festival, to be held 14-25 of August 2020.

“Battlefield” by Jannis Lenz was selected for the Short Film Competition, where only 9 other short films have made the cut. They are competing for the Oscar® qualifying Heart of Sarajevo Award for Best Short Film. “Fish Like Us” by Raphaela Schmid and “The Verdict in the Case of K.” in turn got selected for the student competition, along with 13 other short films.

Congratulations to all three directors and their teams, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for you!

25. June 2020

May & June Highlights

Slow but steady wins the race. While the cultural sector in general and film festivals in particular have had to slow down their pace, they did not halt to a standstill. And neither did we for that matter. Apart from the 8 short films we presented as part of the Online Edition of Vienna Shorts (5 in the official Austrian Competition and 3 in curated programs), in May we also celebrated the Polish premiere of “The Verdict in the Case of K.” at the Krakow Film Festival.

We’ve also enjoyed our very own Midsommar celebration (the peaceful kind, not the Ari Astrid kind), as “The Verdict in the Case of K.” had its Spanish premiere at Festival Internacional de Cine de Huesca while “How to Disappear” had Asian premiere at Pyeongchang International Peace Film Festival in South Korea.

2. June 2020

The Verdict is in!

Although during the past few months time seemed to have been suspended, director Özgür Anil has certainly not been slowing down. In May his short film “The Verdict in the Case of K.” celebrated its Polish premiere at the Krakow Film Festival, while also being featured in a curated programme at Vienna Shorts. June brought its own festivities, as the film had its Spanish premiere at Festival Internacional de Cine de Huesca. Congratulations to the director and the whole team, a big cin-cin for more selections to come!

14. April 2020

Vienna Shorts Online Edition, we're part of it!

We're excited to have no less than five of our short films selected for the Austrian Competition at Vienna Shorts! "Battlefield" by Jannis Lenz, "Fish Like Us" by Raphaela Schmid, "How to Disappear" by Total Refusal, "The Birthmark" by Pia Ilonka Schenk Jensen & Bernhard Hetzenauer & "The Washing Machine" by Dominik Hartl. Congratulations to the film teams and to all others selected for the festival! The short films will digitally come to you this end of May so stay tuned to find out how you can join the watchparty!

10. April 2020

We Are Short Film - Go Short ISFF Nijmegen online

We’re very happy to have several LEMONADE FILMS titles represented in the competitions and supporting program of the Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen: The Birthmark by Pia Ilonka Schenk Jensen and Bernhard Hetzenauer, How to Disappear by Total Refusal (Michael Stumpf, Leonhard Müllner, Robin Klengel), The Verdict in the Case of K. by Özgür Anil, Battlefield by Jannis Lenz and Guy proposes to his girlfriend on a mountain by Bernhard Wenger. Find out more here!

8. April 2020

Canceled, But Active!

Canceled, But Active! is the slogan for this year's Crossing Europe Film Festival. Fish Like Us by Raphaela Schmid, How to Disappear by Total Refusal (Leonhard Müllner, Robin Klengen, Michael Sumpf) and The Birthmark by Pia Ilonka Schenk Jensen and Bernhard Hetzenauer have been selected for the Local Artist Competition. After the official date in April had to be cancelled due to Covid-19, the festival is presenting Crossing Europe: EXTRACTS, an alternative program. More information here.

9. March 2020

Diagonale'20 - Festival of Austrian Film cancelled

Sometimes things don't turn out the way you expect. There would have been many reasons for us to celebrate at this years Diagonale - Festival of Austrian Film! Our brand-new films The Washing Machine by Dominik Hartl, Fish Like Us by Raphaela Schmid, Battlefield by Jannis Lenz, The Birthmark by Pia Ilonka Schenk Jensen and Bernhard Hetzenauer and The Verdict in the Case of K. by Özgür Anil would have had their Austrian permiere in Graz. Unfortunately, due to the government's prescribed measures to contain the coronavirus, the festival had to be cancelled for this year.

You can find out more about the full program here.

24. February 2020

Pop the corks

Crew  and cast are already very excited! Tonight we’re celebrating the world premiere of “How to Disappear” in Berlin as part of Berlinale Shorts. 

14. January 2020

"How to Disappear" selected for the international competition of the Berlinale

We can "bearely" believe it!  “How to Disappear” by Total Refusal (Robin Klengel, Leonhard Müllner, Michael Stumpf) will celebrate it's world premiere at the  Berlinale - Berlin International Film Festival, as part of the international competition for short film!

You can find the full list of selected films here.

13. December 2019

“tx-reverse 360°” selected for Sundance "New Frontier" section

We are excited to announce the selection of "tx-reverse 360°" by Martin Reinhart and Virgil Widrich for the New Frontier section of Sundance Film Festival 2020! Since 2007 the New Frontier exhibition has been the ultimate platform for outstanding and innovative artworks. Its focus lies on hybrid projects, new forms of media storytelling, multimedia installations, performances and film.

"tx-reverse 360°" will play between the 23rd of January until the 2nd of February at New Frontier Central in Park City. Warmest congratulations to the whole team!

31. October 2019

No tricks, just treats!

We’re excited to be expanding our selection of refreshing films with three new projects: the short film “The verdict in the Case of K.” by Özgür Anil, the online video performance “Operation Jane Walk” by Robin Klengel and Leonhard Müllner, and the VR experience "Inside Lieutenant Gustl" by Sebastian Brauneis. We’ll soon be announcing the first festival selections, so stay tuned!

7. October 2019

Talks Talks Talks...

Several networking events are planned for October!
The XR Vienna meetup is the optimal networking platform for all those, who're working with XR. Among other great speakers, we're invited to present our work as a distributor for innovative projects. At the International Music, Arts & Business Forum, hosted by WKO in cooperation with the Danube University Krems, Center for Applied Music Research, we talk about "The Netflix Model: What can the Music Business learn from the Film and Interactive media businesses? And last but not least, there is the possibility to meet us at the Uppsala International Short Film Festival (Sweden). Together with Some Shorts we dedicate ourselves to the topic "Strategy for Shorts in the Long Run".
See you there!

4. September 2019

Double Feature @ Ars Electronica

We are very happy to present both, tx-reverse 360° and tx-mirror by Martin Reinhart and Virgil Widrich at this years Ars Electronica Festival!

tx-reverse 360°
Deep Space 8K, Ars Electronica Center
5.9.2019, 5.30 pm - 6 pm
7.9.2019, 3 pm - 4 pm (Artist talk Martin Reinhart, Virgil Widrich)
8.9.2019, 8 pm - 8.30 pm

European Platform for Digital Humanism
5.9. – 8.9.2019, 10 am – 7.30 pm
9.9.2019, 10 am – 6 pm
POSTCITY, Bahnhofplatz 12, 4020 Linz

3. August 2019

Higlights in August

"Guy proposes to his girlfriend on a mountain" by Bernhard Wenger at DokuFest (Kosovo) and Shortynale Klosterneuburg (Austria), "ENE MENE" by Raphaela Schmid at Filmfestival Kitzbühel (Austria) and "Eigentlich vergangen" by Nicole Foelsterl at dotdotdot Open Air Shortfilm Festival!

18. July 2019

Sarajevo calling...

YEAH YEAH YEAH! "Zufall & Notwendigkeit" (Life Between the Exit Signs) is selected for the student competition at Sarajevo Film Festival. Congratulations to Nicolas Pindeus & his team!

21. June 2019

Hot summer days & refreshing films!

Nicole Foelsterl’s film „Eigentlich vergangen“ is part of the international competition at Palm Springs ShortFest!Raphaela Schmid, the director of „ENE MENE“, and Bernhard Wenger, the director of „Guy proposes to his girlfriend on a mountain“, are selected for FEST - New Directors New Films Festival which starts next week! 

23. May 2019

Virtual Reality Check

The hype is great, as is the potential: While VR and 360° film are already being used intensively internationally in both the artistic and economic fields, the general conditions in Austria are still  inadequate. With the “Virtual Reality Check” we, together with VIS Vienna Shortssound:frame and XR Vienna, are entering into a discussion with Austrian and international experts within the framework of the VIENNA BIENNALE FOR CHANGE 2019 at the MAK – Museum of Applied Arts in order to develop a strategy for the emerging (future) market in the course of the digitisation offensive in Austria.
Click here to see the top-class programm!

Event supported by Wirtschaftskammer Wien
Program in collaboration with: VIS Vienna Shortssound:frameXR ViennaMAK – Museum of Applied ArtsVIENNA BIENNALE FOR CHANGE 2019Poesie MediaGO! Pictures Amilux FilmSAE Institute ViennaBlautöne, Junge Römer

2. May 2019

LEMONADE FILMS festival tour May

We will participate in the Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen from 2nd - 5th of May 2019 and you can also meet us at the Cannes Film Festival from 19th - 22nd of May 2019. Write us an E-Mail if you want to know more about our films: info(at)refreshingfilms.com

Four "Young Austrian Talents" were presented at the Cannes Film Festival on 22 May 2019. The event was organised by the Austrian Film Commission & Funds (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Österreichischen Filmcommissions) in collaboration with the Austrian Cultural Forum Paris. We're very happy, that besides the producer Lena Weiss, also three LEMONADE FILMMAKERS have been invited to participate: Raphaela Schmid (EENY MEENY), Bernhard Wenger (Guy proposes to his girlfriend) and Nicolas Pindeus (Life Between the Exit Signs).

1. May 2019

tx-reverse 360° in Annecy!

The audience of the Annecy Festival will be transformed into a new time and space reality! We're very happy about the selection of "tx-rverse 360°" by Martin Reinhart and Virgil Widrich for the VR-competition at Annecy International Animation Film Festival. Check out the whole line-up here!

17. April 2019



We're very happy about the selection of "Zufall & Notwendigkeit" (Life Between the Exit Signs) by Nicolas Pindeus, "Guy proposes to his girlfriend on a mountain" by Bernhard Wenger and "Eigentlich vergangen" (Far from past) by Nicole Foelsterl for the Austrian Competition at VIS Vienna Shorts! 

22. March 2019

LEMONADE FILMS part of VR CONFERENCE at Diagonale'19

We're very happy to participate in this years VR-focus at Diagonale - Festival of Austrian Film. Together with Sascha Mann (Poesie Media), Sebastian Sorg (FFF Bayern) and Eva Fischer (sound:frame & host) we we will talk about financing and distributing VR. If you're around, join us and don't miss out on the great VR-projects, discussions and presentations at designforum Steiermark!
-> Link to programme!

Diagonale - Festival of Austrian Film & sound:frame
@designforum Styria (Andreas-Hofer-Platz 17, 8010 Graz)
10am - 7 pm

7. March 2019


Happy to see four LEMONADE FILMS titles selected for the competition of Diagonale - Festival of Austrian Film! Congrats „Far from past" (Nicole Foelsterl), „Guy proposes to his girlfriend on a mountain" (Bernhard Wenger), „EENY MEENY" (Raphaela Schmid) & „Life Between the Exit Signs" (Nicolas Pindeus)! See you in Graz!

3. February 2019

LEMONADE FILMS on festival tour

Three weeks, three countries...
After an eventful week at the IFFR (International Film Festival Rotterdam), the journey continues to the Festival du Court Métrage Clermont-Ferrand, where you can find us at the cinema and film market from 3 to 6 February 2019. The last festival trip in February goes to Germany, where we will participate in the Berlinale (10-12th of February 2019).

13. December 2018

New Film Distributor in Vienna

With the establishment of LEMONADE FILMS, Austria gained a new film distribution service, which aims to contribute to the public perception, media attention, quality presentation and utilization of Austrian filmmaking.

Currently the focus is on short movies and short documentaries up to a length of 30 minutes. The medium-term goal is to add the distribution of debut feature films by Austrian newcomers. In addition LEMONADE FILMS plans to distribute Virtual Reality Films worldwide.

30. November 2018

"If life gives you a lemon, make lemonade out of it!"

...was literally the motto of the year, after hard work, struggling and months of intense prep-work. But starting in December 2018, Marija Milovanovic and Julia Fabrick are fully dedicating themselves to their new tasks as managing directors of the newly founded LEMONADE FILMS association. As cultural managers and curators, Marija and Julia have worked for the past ten years with film festivals and film distributors in Vienna, Linz, Berlin and Nijmegen (including Berlinale, Crossing Europe, Diagonals, Filmdelights, / Slash Film Festival, Some Shorts) and are very well connected in this business worldwide.