mixed media

Dreaming Bodies

A film by Ella Knorz & Vivian Bausch
Country: Austria/Germany
Year: 2022
Length: 4'

Stills/Poster/Portrait Regie

It is dark. A body awakes. A body changes. Shot on a thermal imaging camera and written with artificial intelligence.

1. Hoferfilmtage (Germany, October 2022)
2. Regensburger Kurzfilmwoche (Germany, March 2023)
3. Crossing Europe (Austria, Mai 2023)
4. Festival Silhouette Court Métrages (France, August 2023)
5. Blue Danube Film Festival (Austria/Hungary/Slovakia, September 2023)
6. Quebec City Film Festival (Canada, September 2023)
7. Portobello Film Festival (United Kingdom, September 2023)

Ella Knorz, Nikita Gibalenko, Sophie Mühe

Director: Vivian Bausch & Ella Knorz
Screenplay: Vivian Bausch & Ella Knorz & Artificial Intelligence
Producer: Ella Knorz
Cinematographer: Mirko Hans
Sound recording: Nicolas Hoffmann
Sound design: Nicolas Hoffmann
Editor: Vivian Bausch & Nicolas Hoffmann
Title design: Nicolas Hoffmann
VFX: Tobias Sodeikat
Production assistance: Ivan Dubrovin