Piece by Piece

A film by Reza Rasouli
Country: Österreich
Year: 2023
Length: 09:00

Stills/Poster/Portrait Regie


Two teenage friends are roaming the neighborhood together and are having a conversation. The boy asks his friend about her headscarf, as a joke he rips it off her head and drives away. Afraid of the consequences of being seen, the girl runs after him. The unusual chase leads the two of them to new insights and a bit more openness.

1. Max Ophüls Preis 2023 (Germany, January 2023)
2. Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival (Germany, March 2023)
3. Crossing Europe (Austria, April 2023)
4. Cinema Talks (Austria, May 2023) - Winner Movie Slam
5. Kurzfilmtage Thalmässing (Germany, May 2023) - Jury Prize
6. Bundesfestival junger Film (Germany, June 2023)
7. Norwegian Short Film Festival/Kortfilmfestival Grimstad (Norway, June 2023)
8. Palm Springs International Film Festival (USA, June 2023)
9. Fünf Seen Kurzfilmfestival (Germany, August 2023)
10. Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival (Brasil, August 2023)
11. MoliseCinema (Italy, August 2023) - Audience Award
12. International Film Schools Festival Uruguay (Uruguay, August 2023)
13. Minikino Film Week 9 (Bali, September 2023)
14. Festival of Nations (Austria, September 2023)
15. Quebec City Film Festival (Canada, September 2023)
16. Calgary International Film Festival (Canada, September 2023)

Alara Yilmaz
Alessandro Fraissl

Director: Reza Rasouli
Screenplay: Reza Rasouli
Producer: Reza Rasouli
Cinematographer: Jonathan Meiri
Sound recording: Elisabeth Jakobi
Sound design: Nima Momtaz
Editor: Reza Rasouli
Composer: Brambels
Production design: Reza Rasouli
Color correction: Jacob Jaboring
Producerin: Stefanie Rasouli