Recordings of a Weather Camera

A short film by Bernhard Wenger
Country: Austria/Germany
Year: 2023
Length: 18:30

Stills/Poster/Portrait Regie

A ski resort in the scenic Austrian Alps. A weather camera installed to display majestic mountain panoramas, casually captures a panorama of human abominations. While the panning frame lines wander back and forth, inside the frame interpersonal lines are being crossed. A bizarre film about all too common encounters and the tragedy in seemingly harmless interactions.

1. Max Ophüls Preis 2023 (Germany, January 2023)
2. Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival (Germany, March 2023)
3. Go short (Netherlands, March 2023)
4. Diagonale - Festival des österreichischen Films (Austria, March 2023)
5. Cinema Talks (Austria, May 2023)
6. Vienna Shorts (Austria, June 2023)
7. FEST – New Directors (Portugal, June 2023)
8. Shortynale (Austria, August 2023)
9. Minikino Film Week 9 (Bali, September 2023)
10. Festival of Nations (Austria, September 2023)
11. Off-Courts Trouville (France, September 2023)
12. ELBE DOCK (Czech Republic, September 2023)

Marlene Hauser, Tobias Resch, Olivia Lonsdale, Sebastian Wendelin, Marie Luise Stockinger, Daniel Adolfsson, Franz Weichenberger, Markus Hamele, Judith Schrijver, Felix Kreutzer, Benedikt Haager, Julia Koch, Clemens Berndorff, Lukas Aschenreiter, Grischka Voss, Herbert Forthuber, Katharina Holoubek, Florian Bayer

Director: Bernhard Wenger
Screenplay: Alexandra Brodski, Bernhard Wenger
Producers: Clara König, Flora Mair, Kristin Schnöll
Director of Photography: Albin Wildner
Production Sound Mixer: Ken Rischard
Sound Editing & Sound Design: Ines Vorreiter
Editing: Rupert Höller
Costume Design: Veronika Harb
Production Design: Laura Diessl

In cooperation with ARTE/ZDF