The Other End of the Street

A film by Kálmán Nagy
Country: Austria/Hungary
Year: 2022
Length: 22'

Stills/ poster/ portrait director

When 9-year-old Ábel is attacked by his classmate Bence at school, his father decides to visit Bence's parents to put an end to the constant harassment. However, the conversation does not go as hoped and confronts father and son with a moral dilemma.

1. Sarajevo Film Festival (Bosnia & Herzegovina, August 2022)
2. Usak Film Festival (Turkey, December 2022) - Best Film + Best Supporting Act
3. Max Ophüls Preis (Germany, Janurary 2023) - Best Short Film Award + Audience Award Short Film
4. Premier Plans Film Festival (France, Janurary 2023)
5. Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival (France, Janurary 2023)
6. IFF FEBIOFEST Bratislava (Slovakia, March 2023)
7. IFF ZOOM-ZBLIZENIA 2023 (Poland, March 2023)
8. Diagonale - Festival des österreichischen Films  (Austria, March 2023) - Thomas Pluch Price for short and middle-length films
Winner of the First Steps Award 2022 for short and animated film
9. 2ANNAs International Film Festival/ Short Riga (Latvia, April 2023)
10. 52nd Sehsüchte International Student Film Festival (Germany, April 2023)
11. IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival (Bulgaria, June 2023)
12. Huesca International Film Festival (Spain, June 2023)
13. Filmfestival Kitzbuehel (Austria, August 2023)
14. La Guarimba (Italy, August 2023) - Nonnina Award
15. Alpinale (Austria, August 2023) - Best International Short Film
16. Fünf Seen Kurzfilmfestival (Germany, August 2023)
17.COURTS CIRCUIT 66 (France, August 2023)
18. Dokufest (Kosovo, August 2023)
19. Shortynale (Austria, August 2023) - Best Film
20. Bengaluru International Short Film Festival (India, August 2023)
21. Minikino Film Week 9 (Bali, September 2023)
22. Festival of Nations (Austria, September 2023)
23. Bueu’s International Film Festival (Spain, September 2023)
24. ELBE DOCK (Czech Republic, September 2023)
25. Portobello Film Festival (United Kingdom, September 2023)

Zsolt Nagy, Ágoston Sáfrány, Gáspár Téri, Milán Zikkert, Jeanne Katalin Lipták

Director: Kálmán Nagy
Screenplay: Kálmán Nagy
Producer: Alisa Frischholz
Director of Photography: Manuel Prett
Production Sound: Cristi Iorga, Jakob Mäsel
Supervising Sound Designer: Jakob Mäsel
Editor: Sarah Kučera
Co-Producer: Zsolt Nagy
Production design: Noémi Borcsányi-Andits
Color correction: Lee Niederkofler
Costume: Anna Prischl
Make-up Artist: Réka Wolf
Re-Recording Mixer: Lorenz Fischer