© Patrick Wally



A film by Leni Gruber & Alex Reinberg
Country: Austria
Year: 2022
Length: 27'

Stills/Poster/Portrait Director

Breakthroughs don’t come easy. Especially for up-and-coming actress Anna. Rejected from her most recent audition, Anna returns home to find that her dad has already made other plans for her life. Her last chance: playing the victim in training exercises for the local fire department. Whether she is rescued from car wrecks or placed under toppled trees, Anna gives it everything she’s got, because a job at the local bank seems utterly unthinkable.

1. Diagonale - Festival of Austrian Film (Austria, April 2022)
2. Crossing Europe Film Festival (Austria, April 2022)- Local Artist Award
3. Vienna Shorts (Austria, May 2022) - Special Mention & Audience Award
4. Sarajevo Film Festival (Bosnia & Herzegowina, August 2022)
5. Filmfestival Kitzbuehel (Austria, August 2022)
6. Shortynale (Austria, August 2022) - Best Austrian Film, Best actress & Audience Award
7. Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival (USA, August 2022)
8. Festival of Nations (Austria, September 2022)

Marlene Hauser, Günther Lainer, Franz Solar, Michaela Schausberger, Ingrid Schiller

Director: Leni Gruber, Alex Reinberg
Screenplay: Alex Reinberg, Leni Gruber
Producer: Provinzfilm GmbH
Camera: Patrick Wally
Sound Recording: Markus Ortner, Lukas Benedicic, Alex Siegl, Cristi Iorga
Sound Design: Maria Lisa Pichler, Alex Siegl
Editing: Daniel Rutz
Production Design: Flora Besenbäck
Color Correction: Daniel Hollerweger