Invisible Border

A film by Mark Gerstorfer
Country: Austria
Year: 2022
Length: 27'

Stills/Poster/Portrait director

A deportation in Vienna in the middle of the night. Police officer Nancy and her colleague Albert have the task of evicting a family. Together with a police unit, they ambush an Albanian family without a valid residence permit. The situation escalates and the events of the night leave everyone involved traumatized.

1. Go Short - International Short Film Fesitval Nijmegen (Netherlands, April 2022)
2. Huesca International Film Festival (Spain, June 2022) - ‘Francisco García De Paso’ Human Values Mention
3. BARCIFF - Barcelona Indie Filmmakers Festival (Spain, July 2022) - Best Director
4. Alpinale (Austria, August 2022)
5. Shortynale (Austria, August 2022)
6. Filmfestival Kitzbühel (Austria, August 2022) - Österreichischer Nachwuchspreis
7. Bengaluru International Short FIlm Festival (India, August 2022)
8. DC Shorts (USA, September 2022)
9. Montreal International Black Film Festival (Canada, September 2022)
10. Tirana International Film Festival (Albania, September 2022) - Best Reflecting Albanian Award
11. Tehran International Short Film Festival (Iran, September 2022)
12. Cannes Indie Short Award (France, October 2022) - WINNER BEST MALE STUDENT DIRECTOR
13. Aesthetica Short Film Festival (England, November 2022) - Best Drama
14. Leeds International Film Festival (England, November 2022)
15. SCANORAMA - Section GLIMSES OF EUROPE (Lithuania, November 2022) - Best Shortfilm
16. Usak Film Festival (Turkey, December 2022) - Best Leading Act
17. Oaxaca FilmFest (Mexico, December 2022)
18. Beirut Shorts (Lebanon, December 2022)
19. Halifax Black Film Festival (Canada, February 2023)
20. ONE Country ONE Film International Festival (France, March 2023)
21. Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival (Germany, March 2023) - DaHome Award
22. IFF ZOOM-ZBLIZENIA 2023 (Poland, March 2023)
23. Ca' Foscari Short Film Festival (Italy, March 2023) - First Price International Competition
24. Julian Dubuque Festival (USA, April 2023)

Nominated for Deutschen Menschenrechts-Filmpreis 2022

Temiloluwa Obiyemi, Tommy Leonardelli, Vjosa Breiteneder-Lubeniqi, Alexander Sladek Nathalie Sollak, Labinot Morina, Roswitha Soukup, Elfriede Schatz

Director/Screenplay: Mark Gerstorfer
First AD: Maximilian Demets
Producer: Lukas Rosatti, Mark Gerstorfer, Marie-Thérèse Zumtobel
Cinematographer: Marie-Thérèse Zumtobel
Sound Recording: Lisa Puchner, Lara Zill
Sound Design: Lisa-Maria Hollaus, Matthias Hafner
Editor: Alexander Rauscher
Make Up: Jenny Bladek
Production Design: Lukas Rosatti
Color Correction: Lee Niederkofler
Title Design: Alexander Rauscher
Costume Design: Veronika Harb