© Emma Braun



A film by Emma Braun
Country: Austria
Year: 2022
Length: 20'

Stills/poster/portrait director

Above the rooftops of Vienna, while the city is still asleep.
A young woman practices a profession that enjoys the prestigious status of being a ''symbol of luck”, is essential for the environment as well as for safety, and is dominated by men: she is a chimney sweeper. As one of the few women working in this dying profession, her experience is unique and brings to light the variety, as well as the prejudice and difficulties she encounters on a regular basis.

1. Diagonale - Festival of Austrian Film (Austria, April 2022)
2. Linz International Short Film Festival (Austria, October 2022) - Best Austrian Film
3. Kurz.Film.Zuckerl (Austria, October 2022)
4. 39. Kasseler Dokumentarfilm- und Videofest (Germany, November 2022)
5. DOXS Ruhr (Germany, November 2022)
6. IDFA Amsterdam (Netherlands, November 2022)
7. Gijon International Filmfestival (Spain, November 2022)
8. Beijing International Short Film Festival (China, November 2022) - Special Mention
9. Olympia International Film Festival (Greece, December 2023)
10. 52nd Sehsüchte International Student Film Festival (Germany, April 2023)
11. Filmfest Dresden (Germany, April 2023)
12. Porto Femme (Portugal, April 2023)
13. Cinema Talks (Austria, May 2023)
14. Beldocs (Serbia, May 2023)
15. FEST – New Directors (Portugal, June 2023)
16. Aegean Short Film Festival (Greece, July 2023)
17. Lindenfest (Montenegro, August 2023)
18. ELBE DOCK (Czech Republic, September 2023)
19. Blue Danube Film Festival (Austria/Hungary/Slovakia, September 2023)
20. Portobello Film Festival (United Kingdom, September 2023)

Sophie Szönyi

Director: Emma Braun
Screenplay: Emma Braun
Producer: Emma Braun, Sophie Szönyi
Cinematographer: Emma Braun
Sound recording: Maria Lisa Pichler
Sound design / mixing: Lenard Lars Fuchs
Editor: Emma Braun
Color correction: Michael Heine
Production Assistant: Johannes Feuersänger
French Subtitles: Antoine Décombe

>>> shot on 16 mm <<<