even death in my arms is beautiful

a film by  Jannis Lenz
Country: Austria/Germany
Year: 2021
Length: 08:23

stills/ poster/ portrait director

After their 15 minutes of fame are over, former Austria's Next Top Model participants meet in a casting. Joint conversations during breaks about their experiences on the reality TV show provide insights into their motivation and views on an industry that sells beauty as a standardized consumer good. The spirit of Venus, goddess of beauty and poems by female poets of the early 20th century break through the supercooled visual worlds and mechanical processes and point to the different perceptions of aesthetics in past ages and a possible future. The cinematic interpretation of an ordinary casting tape.

1. Hofer Filmtage (Germany, October 2021)
2. Aesthetica Short Film Festival (UK, November 2021)
3. FIDBA - International Documentary Film Festival Buenos Aires (Argentina, December 2021)

Gina Adamu, Michelle Hübner, Gabyta Garcia Vargas, Jennifer Ko, Corinna Ziesser, Sonja Plöchl, Ines Marie Polak

Director: Jannis Lenz
Screenplay: Jannis Lenz
Producer: Sonja Lenz, Lukas Zweng
Cinematographer: Andi Widmer
Tonaufnahme: Jonas Haslauer
Sound design: Rudi Pototschnig
Editor: Daniela Szudra
Production design: Eva Zar