Trailer The Verdict in the Case of K.


The Verdict in the Case of K.

A film by  Özgür Anil
Country: Austria
Year: 2020
Length: 30'

Stills/ Portrait Regie

After the verdict in a trial, a family tries to find their way back to normality. The morals of the single father and his two children are questioned by the conflicting expectations of society. An unthoughtful decision reopens old wounds and causes the alienation of a brother and sister.

1. Festival Premiers Plans d'Angers (France, January 2020)
2. Diagonale - Festival of Austrian Film (Austria, March 2020)* - Diagonale Youth Jury Award - "Bester Nachwuchsfilm"
3. Landshuter Short Film Festival (Germany, March 2020)*
4. Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen (Netherlands, April 2020)
5. Vienna Shorts (Austria, 2020)
6. Krakow Film Festival (Poland, 2020)
7. Festival Internacional de Cine de Huesca (Spain, June 2020)
8. Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival (USA, August 2020)
9. Sarajevo Film Festival (Bosnien-Herzegowina, August 2020)
10. Alpinale Short Film Festival (Austria, August 2020)
11. Film Festival Kitzbühel (Austria, August 2020)
12. Netzhaut Ton Film Festival (Austria, August 2020)
13. Sehsüchte International Student Film Festival (Germany, September 2020)
14. Poitiers Film Festival (France, November 2020)
15. Energa Cameraimage International Film Festival (Poland, November 2020)
16. Izmir International Short Film Festival (Turkey, November 2020)
17. Festival du Film Court de Villeurbane (France, November 2020) - Best Narrative Short
18. Filmfest Düsseldorf (Germany, November 2020)
19. Les Arcs Film Festival (France, December 2020)
20. Aguilar Film Festival (Spain, December 2020) - Best Actor’s Award for Namzi Kirik & Audience Award
21. Kustendorf Film and Music Festival (Serbia, January 2021) -Golden Egg Award
22. Trieste Film Festival (Italy, January 2021)
23. Bamberger Kurzfilmtage (Germany, March 2021)
24. Tel Aviv Student Film Festival (Israel, June 2021)
25. KO:SH (Albania, July 2021)
26. Shorts México (Mexico, September 2021)
27. Silk Road Film Festival (Ireland, September 2021)
28. FiTA Filmtage (Austria, September 2021)
29. Portobello Film Festival (UK, September 2021)
30. International Usak Short Film Festival (Turkey, December 2021) - Uşak ISFF Seahorse for Best Screenplay
31. FebioFest Bratislava (Slovenia, December 2021)
32. International Short Film Festival Dhaka (Bangladesh, March 2022)

Mustafa: Nazmi Kirik
Ekrem: Cem Deniz Tato
Emine: Zelal Kapcik
Anwalt: Michael Fuith
Richterin: Martina Poel

Direction: Özgür Anil
Scriptwriting: Özgür Anil
Production: Jakob Widmann
Cinematography: Lukas Allmaier
Sound recording: Benedikt Palier, Jon Geirfinnsson, Joseph Mittermeier
Sound design: Benedikt Palier, Jon Geirfinnsson, Joseph Mittermeier
Editing: Philipp Mayer
Costume design: Lena List
Production design: Ashley Johnson
Color correction: Andreas Winter
Title design: Philipp Mayer
VFX: Gerd Zimmermann

* Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the festival was postponed or cancelled