In the inner Circle

a film by Julia Reiter
Country: Austria
Year: 2021
Length: 30'

Stills/poster/portrait director

A young woman feels threatened when a new stable girl is hired. Charged with training the new girl, her competence feels challenged and anxiety grows. She is caught in a vicious circle of her own making.

1. Vienna Shorts (Austria, June 2021)
2. Diagonale - Austrian Film Festival (Austria, June 2021)
3. Netzhaut Ton Film Festival (Austria, June 2021)
4. Uppsala International Short Film Festival (Sweden, October 2021)

Marlene Hauser, Teresa Schwind, Kathrin Resetarits

Direction: Julia Reiter
Screenplay: Julia Reiter
Production: Shoshana R. Stark
Cinematography: Sophia Wiegele
Sound recording: Joseph Mittermeier, Flora Rajakowitsch, Vinzenz Landl
Sound design: Joseph Nikolussi, Moritz Heidegger
Editing: Samira Ghahremani
Color correction: Dimitri Aschwanden
Title design: Jonathan Ho