Fish Like Us

a film by Raphaela Schmid
Country: Austria
Year: 2020
Length: 17'

As part of an unusual farewell ritual, two siblings end up at a Chinese restaurant. Both feel guilty after the recent death of their mother and find it difficult to broach the subject. At another table a father improves his daughter's homework, at the next a date goes wrong, and somewhere in between, the server's collar bursts. Though the tables are close together, the siblings hardly notice the little dramas taking place.

Festivals (2020-2022)
1. Diagonale - Festival of Austrian Film (Austria, March 2020)* - Best Fiction Short Film
2. Crossing Europe (Austria, October 2020)
3. Vienna Shorts (Austria, Mai 2020) - Jury Award Austrian Competition & Vienna Shorts Audience Award
4. Sarajevo Film Festival (Bosnia-Herzegovina, August 2020)
5. Concorto Film Festival (Italy, August 2020)
6. Filmfest Gent (Belgium, October 2020)
7. VIENNALE (Austria, October 2020)
8. Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival (Greece, October 2020)
9. Blue Danube Film Festival (Hungary/Austria, November 2020)
10. FilTa Filmtage (Austria, November 2020)
11. London Short Film Festival (UK, January 2021)
12. Filmfestival Max Ophüls (Germany, January 2021) - Best Short Film
13. Akbank Short Film Festival (Turkey, March 2021)
14. Vilnius International Film Festival (Lithuania, March 2021)
15. Moscow International Film Festival (Russia, April 2021)
16. River Run Film Festival (USA, May 2021)
17. Filmarchiv Open Air im Augarten (Austria, May 2021)
18. Friss Hús Budapest Short Film Festival (Hungary, June 2021)
19. Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival (Israel, June 2021)
20. Short Waves (Poland, June 2021)
21. Filmtage Friedrichshafen (Germany, June 2021)
22. Tenerife Shorts (Spain, June 2021)
23. Figari Film Festival (Italien, Juni 2021)
24. FILMKUNSTFEST MV (Germany, July 2021)
25. Filmfest Dresden (Germany, July 2021)
26. Drim Short Film Festival (North Macedonia, July 2021)
27. Motovun Film Festival (Croatia, July 2021)
28. Shortynale (Austria, August 2021)
29. Fünf Seen Filmfestival (Germany, August 2021)
30. Associazione Italiana Amici del Cinema d’Essai (Italy, August 2021)
31. Shorts Mexico (Mexico, September 2021)
32. Reykjavík International Film Festival (Iceland, September 2021)
33. Portobello Film Festival (UK, September 2021)
34. Kurzfilmzuckerl (Austria, October 2021)
35. cellu l'art Short Film Festival Jena (Germany, October 2021)
36. Bolton Film Festival (UK, October 2021)
37. NEXXT Fest New Directors (Portugal, October 2021)
38. Edimotion | Festival für Filmschnitt und Montagekunst (Germany, October 2021)
39. International Usak Short Film Festival (Turkey, December 2021)
40. International Short Film Festival Dhaka (Bangladesh, March 2022)
41. Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival (Germany, April 2022)

Roman Binder, Julia Richter, Marlene Hauser,
Marie-Christine Ablöscher, Peter Pertussini,
Lucia Campos, Lukas Weiss, Felix Kreutzer, Regis Mainka

Direction/scriptwriting: Raphaela Schmid
Production: Claudia Joldes
Cinematography: Simone Hart
Sound recording: Theda Schifferdecker, Jón Geirfinnson, Ken Rischard
Sound design: Luzia Johow, Jón Geirfinnson
Editing: Philipp Mayer
Production design: Andrej Rutar, Lisa Ulrich
Color correction: Manuel Portschy
Title design & VFX: Gerd Zimmermann

* Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the festival was postponed or cancel