a film by Raphaela Schmid
Country: Austria
Year: 2019
Length: 17'

It all starts with an accident. Little Paula pushes her sister Annas hamster out of the window while trying to feed it. She desperately wants to bring it back to life with spells and magic. Meanwhile her mother, Isabella, is constantly trying to reconstruct Anna's birthday cake from last year.

1. Diagonale - Festival of Austrian Film
(Austria, March 2019) - Winner Best Short Film 
2. FEST New Directors New Films (Portugal, June 2019)
3. Festival of Nations (Austria, June 2019)
4 4. Filmfestival Kitzbühel (Austria, August 2019)
5. Der Neue Heimatfilm (Austria, August 2019)
6. International Short Film Festival in Drama (Greece, September 2019)
7. Hofer Filmtage (Germany, October 2019)
8. Leeds International Film Festival (UK, November 2019)
9. Blue Danube Film Festival
(Austria/ Hungary, November 2019)
10. Silk Road Film Festival (Ireland, January 2020)
11. Female Tracks Programmkino Wels (Austria, February/March 2020)
12. Europanorama 2020 (Slovenia, March 2020)
13. 8th Friss Hús Budapest International Short Film Festival (Hungary, 2020)
14. Castrovillari International Short Film Festival (Italy, August 2020)
15. Kurz.Film.Zuckerl (Austria, October 2020) - Best Short Film Award
16. International Usak Winged Seahorse Short Film Festival (Turkey, December 2020)

PAULA: Lola Koszednar
ISABELLA: Lisa Kärcher
FRANKA: Alexandra Gottschlich

Direction: Raphaela Schmid
Sciptwriting: Raphaela Schmid
Production: Alisa Frischholz & Raphaela Schmid
Cinematography: Simone Hart
Sound recording: Ines Vorreiter
Sound design: Bernhard Zorzi & Rudolf Pototschnig
Editing: Andreas Moser
Composition: Sebastian Vötterl & Constantin Stimmer
Production design: Andrea Reitbauer
Color correction: Gerd Zimmermann