A Splash of Colour

A Colour Box
Maly Cousteau
Bizzarrie di una ruota
Les Six sœurs Dainef

Still Image & Movement

L’Arrivée d’un train
Moia Mama
Démolition d’un mur
Ostorozhno, dveri otkryvayutsya
Bimo xinglü

Family Programs

The family programs are curated for children and their parents or family members and work very well without an educator. For these programs, activity cards are provided with suggestions for activities at the location or at home.

Program I: A Splash of Colour

In "A Splash of Colour", color takes the leading role! Embark on an exciting journey through animation and experimental film, that will even take you way back to the earliest days of film, and discover the different aesthetic possibilities and effects of color with five unique short films. Thanks to the Cinemini Activity Cards that accompany the program, after each film you will have the opportunity to solve exciting tasks together or be inspired by the films and get creative yourself - with a proper splash of color, of course!

EPK " A Splash of Colour"


- A Colour Box by Len Lye | United Kingdom | 1935 | 3 min

Images become notes, sequences become tunes, colours become moods, the movement of a graphical element becomes the change of pitch, film becomes visual music.

- Maly Cousteau by Jakub Kouřil | Czech Republic | 2014 | 8 min

Come along on an underwater adventure in a snow-covered town in this pastel tribute to French filmmaker and ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau.

- Dingen by Femke Schaap | Netherlands | 2005 | 2 min

Can you still recognize the things in this pile of everyday objects even when they lose their color and structure and become mere shapes?

- Bizzarrie di una ruota by unknown | Italy | 1908 | 3 min

While trying to repair a horse-drawn carriage, a boy grabs the carriage wheel and pushes it down a hill heading for town.

- Les six sœurs Dainef by unknown | France | 1902 | 3 min

These two over 100-year-old treasures from the early days of film history show that film was colorful from the very beginning.

(Running Time: 19 minutes)


Program II: Still Image & Movement

Film was the first medium in history that could record and recreate movement. This was a sensation, huge enough to make everyday events like the arrival of a train box office hits. At the heart of the filmic process there's not only movement but the interaction between movement and stillness. All the images we see are still, the movement is “only” constructed in our heads. This opens up endless possibilities: Time runs backwards, household objects come to life and century old paintings can be explored in a totally new way.

EPK "Still Image & Movement"


- L'Arrivée d'un train en gare de La Ciotat by Cinématographe Lumière | France | 1896 | 1 min

The train is arriving at the station, film is arriving in human history. Movement on a screen, how exciting!

- Moia Mama – Samolet by Yulia Aronova | Russia | 2013 | 7 min

A child accompanying its mother on her workday all around the world and all the other mothers with their fantastic jobs come with them.

- Démolition d'un mur by Cinématographe Lumière | France | 1896 | 2 min

Film does not only record movement, it also plays with it and this opens endless possibilities of imagination.

- Ostorozhno, dveri otkryvajutsia! by Anastasiya Zhuravlyova | Russia | 2005 | 5 min

Via the technique of stop motion film everyday objects can have a life of their own!

- Bimo xinglü by Annlin Chao | Taiwan | 2017 | 4 min

This movie takes famous Chinese paintings and imagines how it would be traveling through their landscapes.

(Running Time: 19 minutes)