Soldat Ahmet

a film by Jannis Lenz
Country: Austria
Year: 2021
Length: 76'

Stills/Poster/Portrait Director

Ahmet is the son of Turkish immigrants, a tough boxer, a dutiful soldier “serving the people of Austria”. But the more he strives to fulfil the expectations of each role, the stronger his desire grows to break out of the stereotypes cast upon him.

1. Visions du Réel (Switzerland, April 2021)

Ahmet Simsek, Margot Vuga, u.a.

Director & Script: Jannis Lenz
Production: David Bohun, Lixi Frank | Panama Film
Cinematography: Jakob Fuhr
Sound & music: Benedikt Palier
Dramatic Advisor: Tizza Covi
Editing: Jannis Lenz, Roland Stöttinger, Nooran Talebi