Still Zufall & Notwendigkeit
Still Zufall & Notwendigkeit
Still Zufall & Notwendigkeit


Life Between the Exit Signs

a film by Nicolas Pindeus
Country: Austria
Year: 2019
Length: 18'

Stills / Portrait Regie

A young man is standing in a hospital room inhabited by his mentally ill mother. She is asleep and instead of waking her, he leaves the room. In search for distraction he drifts through day and night. He embarks on a series of events that bring light into his fears, identity conflicts and his desire for a sense of belonging in this world. 

1. Diagonale - Festival of Austrian Film (Austria, March 2019)
Diagonale-Youth-Jury Award - "Bester Nachwusfilm"
2. VIS Vienna Shorts (Austria, May/June 2019)

Franz: Laurin Saied 
Cosi: Maya Unger 
Mutter: Marisa Growaldt
Isabel Silva 
Michaela Schausberger 

Director: Nicolas Pindeus
Screenplay: Nicolas Pindeus
Producer: Clara König                       
Cinematographer: Lukas Allmaier
Sound recording: Nora Czamler, Jón Geirfinnson, Benedict Palier
Sound design: Philipp Mayer
Editor: Philipp Mayer
Production design: Imelda Fuchs
Make up: Thomas Mayer
Costume Design: Anna Fastnacht
Color correction: Dimitri Aschwanden