a film by Jannis Lenz
Country: Austria/Germany
Year: 2020
Length: 8'

Stills/Portrait Regie

Inspired by the quote of Austrian Expressionist, Oskar Kokoschka: „ Weeds are nature's opposition to the governance of gardeners“, BATTLEFIELD shows the inner life of a military base as a microcosm that seems to have fallen out of another time. Soldiers focus meticulously on gardening instead of preparing themselves for war. The grass-green battlefield gets a military buzz cut. The film depicts a dreamlike look into an imaginary future, where barracks appear as well maintained open-air museums. The tanks remain as relics, silent but admonishing. Some of them still work.

1. Diagonale - Festival of Austrian Film
(Austria, March 2020)*
2. Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen (Netherlands, April 2020)
3. Vienna Shorts (Austria, 2020)
4. Sarajevo Film Festival
(Bosnia-Herzegovina, August 2020)
5. dotdotdot Open Air Short Film Festival
(Austria, August 2020)
6. São Paolo International Short Film Festival (Brasil, August 2020)
7. Helsinki International Film Festival Love & Anarchy (Finland, September 2020)
8. Encounters Film Festival (UK, September-October 2020)

Direction: Jannis Lenz
Screenplay: Jannis Lenz
Production: David Bohun
Co-production: Sonja Lenz
Cinematography: Jakob Fuhr
Sound recording: Benedikkt Palier, Joseph Nikolussi
Sound design: Rudolf Pototschnig
Editing: Jannis Lenz
Music: Piotr Iljitsch Tchaikowscki
Color correction: Klaus Prammer
Title design: Matthias Van Baaren

* Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the festival was postponed or cancelled